About Tax Dribble

It has always been our endeavour to bring to you the cutting edge in tax reporting. But who said tax has to be serious? Well, its time for some fun.. The gaze of entire world will be fixed on the soccer world cup that kicks off in a few hours from now, in the most football crazy nation in the world – Brasil! What better way to a part of the festivities than to have some fun for ourselves, both on and off the field.
 Taxsutra in conjunction with KPMG in India is excited to bring to you the most unique microsite : “Brasil 2014 – The Tax Dribble”, which is a heavy cocktail of soccer and tax.  Over the next 32 days, this microsite shall enlighten all of us on everything we need to know about the tax aspects of soccer. As the 32 nations prepare to take on each other on the soccer field, Taxsutra shall analyse how the nations stack up on the tax pitch. The Tax Dribble will also get you some incisive column on vexed issues relating to taxation of soccer players, their image rights as also the plethora of tax controversies that follow football celebrities wherever they go. To round it off, we shall have renowned tax professionals pick their favourite teams, players and also some tax advice for champion players like Ronaldo, Rooney and Messi.
 And here is chance for you to snatch a copy of some of the best-selling tax books published by LexisNexis. Our daily quiz shall feature one question each on soccer and tax. The winner from each category will lay his/her hands on some of these tax books.
While the vacations may be getting over but if anyone is still planning one, these pictures from Brasil may prove too tempting to resist.  
 So, if you are as excited as we are about watching the Brazilians dance to the beats of samba, there is only website to visit for all soccer crazytax professionals - “Brasil 2014 – The Tax Dribble”
 To borrow the lines of famous English song…. “Its coming home, its coming home…. Football’s coming home.”   We shall ensure it’s gonna come with a doze of tax mixed in it.
 Get ready for the Tax Dribble!