BEPS' Big Billion Day - What to watch out for in OECD's Final Reports!

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In just over an hour from now, OECD will unveil the final package of international tax reforms under the BEPS project. The final package of measures will aim to provide governments with clear international solutions to address the gaps and mismatches in existing rules which have led to what is now famously known as "Base Erosion & Profit Shifting." As the reverse countdown to BEPS’ big billion day begins, what are the 3 key things to watch out for in the final BEPS reports? Will the OECD be able to keep all stakeholders happy? Should Industry be watching behind its back on any particular Action Plan?


Philip Baker
Queen's Counsel, UK

The 13 BEPS final reports amount to a total of 1,595 pages ( you can order them in advance, and count the page extents).  The report of the four expert economists to the League of Nations in 1923 - which set the course of international tax law for the next 100 years - amounted to just 51 pages, and dealt with both double taxation and international tax evasion. Is this huge mushrooming of language really an improvement?